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Locking Shoe Laces Unisex Adults Kids Elastic No Tie Lock Shoelaces 

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Turn Any Shoe into a Slip-On

With these super cool Elastic shoelaces with a cool Quick Lock, you can turn any pair of lace-up shoes or sneakers into slip-ons. The elastic laces will stretch when you put your foot in the shoe ( which means you won’t damage the heel of your shoe) The quick lock will keep your laces at the perfect tension set by you.  They are perfect for anyone who suffers from arthritis or having trouble bending down to tie their shoes, they are also Great if you’re tired of tying your kids’ shoes.



  • High Quality
  • Easily Adjustable Tension
  • Stretch-Fit Comfort
  • One Size Fits All (kids and adults)
  • Simple Installation
  • Water-Resistant
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easily Adjustable Tension
  • Great for Runners
  • Great Triathletes
  • Great for parents with kids that cannot tie shoelaces
  • Great for seniors or anyone that has difficulty bending over
  • Never have a loose shoelace again
  • Never trip over your own shoelace again!

Easily Adjustable Tension:

With a push of a button and a tug on the shoelace, you will have extra support before a run, then a quick push of the button again to loosen your laces to allow your
feet to breathe after the race.


Stretch-Fit Comfort:

The firm flexible elastic laces hug your foot for added comfort and support allowing your feet to swell throughout the day.

One Size Fits All (kids and adults):

No Need to worry about what size laces will fit your shoes! these quick-lock laces are one size (100cm) and will fit adults’ or kids’ shoes.


Simple Installation:

Get up and running with Elastic Quick-Lock Shoelaces in just 5 minutes with these easy installation instructions.

Package Contents:

  • 2x 100cm Elastic Shoe Lace (enough for 1 pair) 
  • 4x Quick Locks  
  • 4 x  Tail Buckles
  • Please choose the colour at checkout – Retail Box not included