1 x Baby Dog Cat Pet Selfie Stick

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Baby Dog Cat Pet Selfie Stick For iPhone, Androids and most Tablets Selfie Camera


FOR DOGS & CATS or even Babies


Create Unforgettable Memories With Your Pet! Enjoy the incredible pictures and memories you will make with the help of this pet selfie stick.


Ever wanted to have a real selfie with your dog? Take your selfie game to the next level and impress your followers with beautiful photos of your furry best friend using the dog selfie stick.


The slick smartphone attachment effortlessly attaches to the top of most devices enabling you to take clear, focused pictures of your best bud anywhere. Simply snap the selfie clip onto your mobile device and place their favourite treat into the cradle for laser-like focus.


It is designed to fit all iPhones, Androids, tablets, and other smartphones in today’s market. The selfie stick can slide onto phones with cases that are 1/2″ thick!




Clip-on your pet’s favourite treats or toy to the selfie stick to grab its full attention!


Add or remove the joints to your preference. Make it shorter or longer!


The Flexible arm allows you to adjust for the perfect angle and utilize the front and rear camera of your device.‚Äč Take Portraits or Selfies instantly!




  • Perfect For Pet Selfies – Your pet will simply love the stick when you put a treat in it and you will make astonishing and hilarious pictures!
  • Durable – The stick is made out of high-quality material and holds, even if your dog would want to chew on it.
  • Easy To Use – Just put a treat on top of the selfie stick and your pet will do the rest!
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  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 15cm/6″
  • Material: Plastic




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1 x Baby Dog Cat Pet Selfie Stick

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