1 x?3.5mm In-Ear Zip Zipper STEREO Universal Headphones

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3.5mm In-Ear Zip Zipper STEREO?Universal

Headphones Headset + Mic and Earphones?


This is a high-quality stereo zipper hands-free and Fantastic zip cable, that gives a highly fashionable way of wearing your earbuds. These earphones have the wires hidden inside a working zipper. You can move the zipper up or down to keep the wires tangle-free. Designed to fit perfectly within your ear, these headphones are more comfortable than any other ear-bud design. This new design is made to rest within a variety of ear shapes, making them perfect for you.

  • Ergonomic design with Zipper
  • Cool and stylish
  • In-Ear lightweight and comfortable ideal for long journeys or extended listening periods
  • 3.5mm jack connector
  • Built-in mic to make and receive calls
  • Clear sound
  • Ear Bud Colour: Clear
  • Sound:- In-ear design
  • Frequency Response :- 13Hz – 22500Hz
  • Cable design: Cable with zipping.
  • Length:117cm

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1 x?3.5mm In-Ear Zip Zipper STEREO Universal Headphones

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