1 x?Oilproof Removable Decal Vegetable bowl decor sticker

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Oilproof Removable Wall Stickers Kitchen Decor Decal Vegetable bowl?


  • Made out of?Aluminum foil
  • Approx 75cm?45cm
  • Oil-proof
  • Water-proof
  • Heat-resistant
  • Non-toxic, environmental protection
  • beautiful wall art wall decal for your kitchen, create an enchanting atmosphere
  • Easy to apply, remove, reposition, and reuse without leaving damage or residue
  • Ideal for dry, clean, and smooth surfaces
  • Apply to furniture (refrigerator, table, desk, kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc.)


  1. Unpack and lay the sticker down on a flat floor with something flat put over it until it is flattened, it will be easier to apply when it’s flat.
  2. Choose the place you desired to decorate.
  3. Clean and surface with a non-oil based cleaner.
  4. Choose the part of sticker that you want to start to apply on the wall. Simply peel it off from the backing paper.
  5. Take out the image from the backing paper. Rub it with a soft cloth or plastic card.

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1 x?Oilproof Removable Decal Vegetable bowl decor sticker

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