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14pc Will, You Marry Me wedding Marriage Proposal Helium Ballon With Diamond Ring


This 14 Piece balloon set is perfect for a romantic wedding proposal, Made from a high-quality foil material


These balloons not only offer beautiful design but also durable and have a long-lasting puff, so beautify your proposal with this balloon set.


  • Material:foil(aluminum)
  • Size: Diamond balloon: 54cm x 84cm
  • Letter balloons: 16inch(40cm)
  • Printed Heart Latex Balloons 12inch (30cm)
  • Pink Latex Balloons 12inch (30cm)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Diamond Ring balloon 54cm x 84cm
  • 7x Letter balloons 16inch(40cm) (Will You Marry Me)
  • 3 x Printed Heart Latex Balloons 12inch (30cm)
  • 2 x Pink┬áLatex Balloons 12inch (30cm)